About us

The Gymnasium am Moltkeplatz
the oldest and most traditional school in Krefeld.


The Gymnasium am Moltkeplatz was opened in 1819 as a donation-founded school, as was requested by A.W. Scheuten in his will. Today it is a modern urban grammar school for males and females, with school tradition and educational innovation meaningfully combined.

The Gymnasium am Moltkeplatz puts value on

  • A broad general education
  • Critical thought
  • A sense of responsibility and social commitment.


After completing nine years in the grammar school, students sit their university qualification examinations (Abitur).

Through trusting collaboration with parents and intensive consultation with theit teachers, all students gain individual encouragement and support.

At the centre of education at "Moltke", school lessons are a place for the mediation of knowledge, skills and key qualifications.

In the foreign languages area, students can choose to study:

  • From Year 5 - English or Latin
  • From Year 7 - French or Latin, if they chose Latin in Year 5 (however, if they chose Latin in Year 5, they must take English at this level)
  • From Year 9 - French

In the senior school, "Moltke" offers a broad range of subjects in both basic and advanced courses, in co-operation with the Ricarda-Huch-Gymnasium in Krefeld.

Outside the classroom, the school offers athletic, artistic, musical and language based activities, for example:

  • Spanish in Year 11
  • Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey
  • Choir and Orchestra
  • Chemistry in Year 8
  • Information Technology in the middle school.

Working with modern communication technology broadens the future chances for "Moltke" students. Information Technology (Informatik) can be taken from Year 9, or as a basic course in Year 11.

A two-week work experience programme in Year 11 focuses on regular work and study, and complements the education and training given at the Gymnasium am Moltkeplatz.

Regular class trips and excursions, for instance to the Roman-Germanic Museum and historical houses, skiing in Year 10 and study trips in the senior school, support the connections between students and teachers, as well as students' relaionships with each other.

The school has partnerships with a grammar school in Krakau, Poland, and with a high school in Charlotte, USA.

Students of the senior school are support partners with younger students, and are also involved in helping with advanced groups inside the classroom.

This is also the case with "Students Helping Students", where seniors guide younger students in various activities, and lead the best school sport teams to City Master honour. "Moltke" has been repeatedly named the top sporting school in Krefeld.

Also adding to the profile of the school ist the Moltke Forum, which takes place four times a year. Here guest speakers report and offer the school community and citizens of Krefeld a wide range of topics from various fields, for example politics, history, business and medicine.

Parents, teachers and students are also often involved in various school commitments and activities, for example:

  • Humans for Humanity
  • Collecting for the Krefeld Donation Board (Krefelder Tafel)
  • Help for war-torn areas
  • School celebrations and music evenings
  • Special project days

These and other activities support students' association with one another, and the promotion of our school.


Translated by Francis Hackshaw, exchange student from New Zealand 2002

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